Daily Archives: September 11, 2008

Remember to Register to Vote and to Vote

The voter registration deadline is fast approaching.

You’d be surprised how many people you know aren’t registered — and in this election, every single vote matters.

Invite your friends to use Vote for Change to check their voter registration and help spread the word about the importance of voting in this election.

Follow this link to the Vote For Change web site

Steve Carrell Nails McCain On Pork-Barrelling

Follow this link to an interview of John McCain by Steve Carrell in 2000.

Spoiler alert —

He asked McCain how he could reconcile his criticism of pork-barrel politics with the fact that “while you were chairman of the Commerce Committee, that committee set a record for unauthorized appropriations.” For a long moment, McCain was speechless.


1 Lie Per Minute

Video Proof John McCain’s Ads are Lies

Follow this link to see a video showing the lies that John McCain has approved.

The video mentions the following truths:

– McCain derides Obama for protecting children from sexual predators

– McCain derides Obama for wanting to talk to Iran although we talked to the USSR

– McCain misinterprets reason why Obama blocked from seeing troops by Pentagon

– McCain has frequently not supported the troops

– McCains campaign filled with lobbyists he claims to have restricted in politics

– McCain’s plan for drilling will have no impact for 30 years.

If the truth were on their side, they would tell the truth.


2 Lies Per Minute