Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

Katie Couric’s Interview With Sarah Palin 1

Follow this link to the interview with Sarah Palin conducted by Katie Couric.

I thank reader mixrecords for suggesting this link. I had not seen the interview until mixrecords sent me the link. I had given up on Katie Couric based on some of her earliest inteviews on the CBS Evening News. After seeing this interview I will have to re-evaluate what had been a low opinion of Couric’s interviewing skills.

David Letterman’s Take on John McCain 3

Follow this link to see the video reaction of David Letterman after John McCain canceled his appearance on the show.  If there is anyone who can beat a dead horse, it has to be David Letterman.

Follow this link to Letterman’s Top Ten Questions.

On Sep 26th, RichardH sent me this link to the Letterman Show the day after McCain bailed. If the horse isn’t quite dead yet, it soon will be.