Should Impressions Matter In Your Voting Decision?

Follow this link to an item about John McCain’s refusal or inability to look Barack Obama in the eye during the debate. I didn’t notice this beahvior on my own because I have this bad habit of diverting my gaze when the scene is too embarassing for me to watch.

Following the item is a discussion of whether or not this nonsense should be a decisive factor in this election.  It probably should not be, but realistically it is.  Does my posting this link lead to furtherance of this bad behavior?

I listened to an unfortunate explanation of why McCain’s old military guy with experience persona would almost make you want to vote for him.

To be honest, I know I am influenced by first impressions as much as anybody else. Sometimes, when I become a little self-aware, I try to fight this influence.  Or at least I tell myself that I do. When I reflect on my experience making hiring decisions, I can think of several cases where I am glad that I fought my natural tendency to let first impressions influence me. I can also think of a case or two where I should have fought the tendency more.

In some cultures looking another in the eye is not a good thing.  For what it is worth, I would have to guess that the culture in which John McCain was raised would place a high value on looking people in the eye.

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