Daily Archives: September 28, 2008

A Bailout You Can Believe In

Follow this link to the McClatchy News coverage of what might be the final bailout proposal.

First of all, I think this report on the plan is very even handedly done.  This is one reason why I like to read the McClatchy news service.

The use of warrants to let the taxpayer participate in any financial gains is a great idea. It is also good that there is recoginition that the Government’s ownership of the mortgages can be used to renegotiate these predatory deals in ways to help keep people in their homes.

Perhaps it is worthwhile that the Republicans got to add the alternative of a more insurance oriented approach to the bailout.  It seems reasonable to me to offer the “customer” more than just one plan.

My reading from this news story of Obama’s reaction to the deal is slightly different from the explicit interpretation in the article. I think Obama is just saying that the deal meets his requirements for gaining his vote.  He is not making any claim for responsibility in the way the deal came out.

Should Impressions Matter In Your Voting Decision?

Follow this link to an item about John McCain’s refusal or inability to look Barack Obama in the eye during the debate. I didn’t notice this beahvior on my own because I have this bad habit of diverting my gaze when the scene is too embarassing for me to watch.

Following the item is a discussion of whether or not this nonsense should be a decisive factor in this election.  It probably should not be, but realistically it is.  Does my posting this link lead to furtherance of this bad behavior?

I listened to an unfortunate explanation of why McCain’s old military guy with experience persona would almost make you want to vote for him.

To be honest, I know I am influenced by first impressions as much as anybody else. Sometimes, when I become a little self-aware, I try to fight this influence.  Or at least I tell myself that I do. When I reflect on my experience making hiring decisions, I can think of several cases where I am glad that I fought my natural tendency to let first impressions influence me. I can also think of a case or two where I should have fought the tendency more.

In some cultures looking another in the eye is not a good thing.  For what it is worth, I would have to guess that the culture in which John McCain was raised would place a high value on looking people in the eye.