The End Of America

Follow this link to an interview with Naomi Wolf, author of the book The End of America.

I have been reading some headlines about Naomi Wolf, but have not followed them up before.  I was sent the above link by reader GinnySL and was amazed at what I saw and heard.

In the interview Naomi Wolf mentions the link to the web site for the  documentary movie The End of America.

She also mentions the link to her web site My America Project.

Be forewarned. Naomi Wolf is as successful in imparting a sense of urgency about this crisis as George Bush was about the supposed crises that led us to the Iraq War, The Patriot Act, and the Financial Bailout Bill.

To back up her claim about the Bailout Bill she advised looking at the video of Representative Brad Sherman discussing threats of martial law.

Follow this link to an interview with Rep. Brad Sherman for a more complete exposition of what he said on the floor of the House of Representatives.

So remember to take a deep breath after viewing the videos and looking at the links.  Then do your own research to see if anything she says still makes sense to you.

For those of you that like to post comments on this blog, you can report back here what you have found.

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