Why Be Afraid of Barack Obama

Follow this link to a video of Jon Stewart’s montage of Fox News coverage of Barack Obama.

I know this is supposed to be a piece of humor, but there are some serious messages here.

If you watch Fox News as your main source of news, this video shows why you may be fearful of Barack Obama. If I actually believed what Fox was saying, I might be fearful too.  So now you can at least understand where people get their attitude even if you do not agree.

The other affect of this piece is to make me think about the news that I see and read. You always have to be on guard against being propagandized into believing foolish ideas. Perhaps the videos in my End Of America post are nothing more than the ravings of a left wing equivalent to Fox News.  That is why I cautioned taking a deep breath after viewing the videos.

I always believe that skepticism is a good trait to have.  It makes me uncomfortable when anyone appears not to have any skepticism about what they see or read from any source.

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