Bold Proposals on Education 1

Follow this link to see some education proposals from a reader of this blog. This comment is on the New York Times’ The Third Presidential Debate blog.

I’ll let Raj comment on what he had to leave out to get his idea published on the NYT blog.

I always like to hear from Raj because you get a point of view that is not Eurocentric like that of myself and most of the people I talk to.

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One thought on “Bold Proposals on Education

  • Raj

    Thanks for your blog, Steve. Your links help me to get educated on a number of issues that I would otherwise surely miss on my usual rounds of the internet.

    I guess I was ranting off a bit with a comment that was distasteful to the editor of the blog. I was triggered by a local news-item in the Houston Chronicle a couple of weeks back, quoting two Republican lawmakers in Austin, TX, calling for more Christian “science” education in schools.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the Republicans are out to subvert the constitution of USA by their repeated attempts to foist Christian thought, using NON-Christian taxpayers’ money (such as myself). The US constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

    With that perspective, here is the censored comment:

    “5. Close down Christian madrassas in their entirety, outlaw home-schooling,
    and require all students to have math-science education.”

    I chose the wording so, because that is exactly what is currently being done in the madrassas of Afghanistan and Pakistan (modernization of education), in an effort to shut-down extremist thinking.

    I apologize to your readers who may be offended by my strong views, but that is exactly what they are, coming with a different world-view.