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McCain/Bush Conspiracy to Commit Vote Fraud 1

Follow this link to the see the letter that Robert F. Bauer, General Counsel of Obama for America, sent to Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey and Special Prosecutor Nora R. Dannehy.

The Obama campaign has asked Attorney General Mukasey to investigate whether the Justice Department is continuing its pattern of using U.S. Attorneys to start politically motivated investigations of voter fraud in order to influence an election. The current investigation by a special prosecutor of the firing of nine U.S. Attorney’s for refusing to participate in these illegal prosecutions can now turn into an investigation of an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Remember the Attorney firings is what forced Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to resign.

If a conspiracy can be proved and linked to George Bush and Dick Cheney, do you suppose impeachment and jail time might follow? If true, these activities go far beyond what Richard Nixon did that caused him to be the only President in U.S. history to have to resign from office. This story also puts McCain’s friendship with G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame in an entirely new light.

Now we know why Obama has been able to be so calm when McCain was slinging his ACORNs.  What he knew and what we didn’t was that the Obama campaign had a WMD in its back pocket.  Sort of like Dirty Harry grinning and saying, “Go ahead, make my day.”  Look at the debate tapes.  Obama was grinning while McCain was talking.

This is one Democratic candidate that is not going to let them steal the election and then complain about it afterward.  If you had any doubt that Obama was tough enough, this should allay those doubts.

Bauer has already been on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown to explain the accusations.

Follow this link to the Google search for more information.

Here are a  few examples

Obama Lawyer Asks for Probe Into Vote-Fraud Claims

Obama’s legal team seeks special prosecutor for voter registration probe

From ACORNs, mighty smoke

History of Voter Suppression

Follow this link to an article on Huffington Post about some voter suppression methods that have been used historically.

This author recognizes the tried and true technique of making wild accusations against your opponent for committing the very crimes that you are committing.  That way, if your opponent brings up the true allegations against you, it looks like they are merely retaliating.  Then nobody knows whose telling the truth and you have successfully covered up what you are doing.

Associated Press Doesn’t Know How to Report

Follow this link to  Associated Press’s  analysis of Barack Obama’s tax plan.

In a manner that is typical with the Associated Press, they pretend to be professional reporters.  However, they defeat themselves with their own words.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette published an AP analysis of the Obama tax plan’s effect on small business owners. The article says, “What’s very small, small, medium, and large? Obama doesn’t say.” I wonder if they asked?

If there is a piece of information that is missing for the “report” you are writing, isn’t it the duty of a professional journalist to go to the source and ask questions?  You cannot make snide implications that Obama is being vague unless you provide evidence that he refused to answer your question.

I have written to the Worcester T & G asking for clarification.

Remember the  name