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Obama’s Challenge: A Transformative Opportunity

Another gem has been brought to my attention by Deb, one of my contacts. Click on the image below to get to the web page that has the interview.

This is an interview of Robert Kuttner by Terry Gross on the program Fresh Air from WHYY as heard on National Public Radio.  The interview is 38 minutes.  It provides the reason to believe that Barack Obama has a chance of solving the country’s economic problems.  Robert Kuttner provides the facts and figures that dispel the notion that we don’t have the resources to solve these problems.

He also explains how we need Obama’s great skills to educate the public on what needs to be done and why. Once the public understands, then it is going to require the public’s pressure on the rest of our leaders to support Barack Obama’s policies.

The need for this public pressure is exactly why it was so important that Obama built such a huge following in his election campaign and he did his best to avoid alienating people who have not yet come on board. The need for the voters’ involvement has not ended with Obama’s election.

If you understand Kuttner’s argument, then you will see why John McCain would have been a total disaster as President during these economic times.

Just to do a little bragging on my part, Kuttner provides the meat behind the ideas that I have been promulgating on previous posts such as When Consumers Capitulate, Why Do We Have Government, The Economy Looking Forward, Greenspan – I Was Wrong About the Economy. Sort Of, McCain Hesitates as Bernanke Revives Stimulus Debate, Balancing the Federal Budget During a Recession, What Does Ben Bernanke Know About The Great Depression?, and others.

By the way, as an application of Greenberg’s Law of The Media, no wonder Terry Gross cannot get her head around such large numbers as trillions.  She thinks a trillion is a billion billion, when actually it is only a thousand billion.