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Speaker Boehner Is A Disgrace

On Truth Out the real title is Speaker Boehner’s Disgrace.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from the OpEd written by Robert Borosage, Campaign for America’s Future.

The President, Boehner said “can’t take ‘yes’ for an answer.” This risible comment from the leader of Republicans who have said no to the wrong-headed offer of $2.7 trillion in cuts in discretionary spending over 10 years (which will cut spending on education, the environment, food safety, affordable housing, cops on the beat and much more), plus a promise to set up a committee with extraordinary power to push cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in exchange for LOWERING top tax rates and closing loopholes.

Boehner rejects what can only be termed an abject and unacceptable surrender by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid because Republicans want only a six month extension of the debt limit, so they can play this game again prior to the 2012 election, and they oppose any consideration of increased tax revenues.

The most striking aspect of this “negotiation” is how far removed both sides are from the position of the vast majority of Americans. Poll after poll makes clear, Americans in overwhelming numbers want Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid protected from cuts. Most Americans support raising taxes on the rich, on the big corporations, ending big oil subsidies, lifting the cap on payroll taxes for Social Security, taxing big banks for the mess they created. Americans want jobs and growth.

We need to build an independent movement to represent this majority against the money politics and ideological blinders that are crippling Washington.

We Share The Sacrifice, They Share The Wealth

In the above video House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi explains what this fight is really about. Let me be clear about what she meant. The middle-class gets to share the sacrifice among its members. The ultra-wealthy class gets to share the wealth among its members. This is a guaranteed way to keep the unemployment levels high. The middle-class will be so worried about their jobs that they won’t have time to riot in the streets.

You notice that when Republicans claim that some economic policy has failed, they say it is President Obama’s stimulus plan that failed.

Well, the stimulus plan halted the precipitous drop in employment levels that never were supposed to happen with the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. (At least Bush told us that these tax cuts would create jobs.). So if anything failed, it is the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. Yet the Republicans want to get rid of what stopped the downward spiral of the lesser depression and keep what started the downward spiral of the lesser depression.

How do they manage to sell this to the American public? Well, they have their own Faux Noise channel and the astro-turf political organizations funded in secret by billionaires.

Even MSNBC, the supposed left leaning network, is so afraid of the power of the right wingers or so in cahoots with them that they have gotten rid of Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur because they tell the truth too much. In this country, even the left wing is to the right of center. No wonder this country is about to topple over.

Obama’s 5 Big Mistakes

As if you needed another retelling here is Obama’s 5 big mistakes on CNN.

Obama has lost his way so badly that even his core liberal supporters should be questioning whether they have got the right man in the job.

The indictment has five headings:

1. Obama has ceased to lead on the economy
2. Obama does not effectively use the domestic powers of the presidency.
3. Obama cannot communicate empathy for Americans in economic distress.
4. Obama over-relied on banks and bankers.
5. Obama is not a good negotiator