John Kerry and the Super Congress

Below is an email that I sent to John Kerry.  If you’re a constituent of his, you might want to express your thoughts on this subject to him.  Our economic future may depend on it.

Senator Kerry,

What experts will you be consulting with to ensure that you will not be hoodwinked during the negotiations of the committee?

I have posted on your YouTube Q & A of June 2011, the following suggestion:

“Senator Kerry ought to consult with some real economists – Krugman,  Stiglitz,  Kuttner, Tyson, Reich, Galbraith and the like to find out what this economy really needs for job creation. That is economic demand from the middle class. That is what is missing. A big part of that is the money shifted to the ultra-wealthy, Sen. Kerry, from the Bush tax cuts.”

The Republicans are absolutely going in the completely wrong direction. If you follow them even a little bit, you too will be going in the wrong direction. You need experts to help you make the case that there is a better direction than the one they wish to go in.

Exactly what the Republicans are claiming as job killers, taxes on the wealthy, are actually the job saviors. Without putting more purchasing power in the hands of the middle class, there cannot be a self-sustaining jobs recovery. If you do not know why, either read Robert Reich’s book, “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future” or have him explain it to you.

Please do not go into battle unarmed.

Give your constituents some hint that this message is getting through to you.


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