Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option, Or Is It?

The Republicans have an advantage in the current situation. If you are just as happy to have nothing happen, then you don’t need anything like a majority to get your way. For Democrats who actually want to make life better for most Americans, they need to fight twice as hard to make something happen. Are the voters ready to help make something happen?

See the entire video Full Speech: Obama Prods Congress to Pass $450B Jobs Package ‘Right Away’

September 11, 2011

My opinion is changing on the President’s jobs plan. If such an inadequate plan is adopted and fails, it will poison the very idea of having a well designed, adequate job creation program by the federal government.

If we cannot get the President’s plan strengthened before being adopted, might we be better off doing nothing? The ensuing dire results subsequent to inaction would strengthen the case for doing something rather than destroy the case for a generation or more.

In fact, Obama’s negotiating position might be strengthened if he could show that he was willing to walk away from a bad deal, by vetoing a plan so weak that it is worse than nothing.

G. I. Bill Of Rights

Gee whiz, Boehner doesn’t even applaud the G. I. Bill Of Rights. Maybe he thinks that after going to war in WWII, the G. I.’s should have returned to their proper class and not been allowed into the middle class. Is this how Republicans show off their extreme patriotism? Good enough to fight and die, but not good enough to get into my country club?

Or perhaps Republicans think that the effort they put out to put a flag pin in their lapels is enough patriotism.

See the entire video Full Speech: Obama Prods Congress to Pass $450B Jobs Package ‘Right Away’