Economic protest gains steam

The Boston Globe has the article Economic protest gains steam: Aims to highlight plight of struggling Americans by Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff.  Unfortunately, The Boston Globe has seen fit to put their news behind a subscription paywall instead of using micropayments as I have suggested.

As seen by the following quotes from the article, even The Boston Globe is able to figure out what the protest is about.

But the demonstration, largely fueled by social media, has generally been a peaceful attempt to call attention to what protesters call the “bottom 99 percent’’ of Americans, who are strapped by rising costs for education, housing, and health care.

Susan Chivvis, 61, an accountant from Concord, said she jumped in her minivan with a sleeping bag and a rubber mat and rushed to the protest Friday, after she read about it on the Internet. The self-described former hippie is a long way from her days at Wellesley College, when she was tear-gassed at a march on Washington to protest the invasion of Cambodia.

Now, decades later, she has an MBA and a sincere appreciation for corporations that create jobs. But she is troubled that so many families slip into poverty, and the nation does not pull them out.

“I like to be a citizen in an orderly democracy and I like the government to handle certain social issues,’’ she said.

“We are sick of the growing disparities and the contempt for people’s needs.’’


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