Wall Street protesters dress as zombies in NYC

The news has even reached Forbes by way of the Associated Press in Wall Street protesters dress as zombies in NYC.

Protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other issues in New York City are dressing as corporate zombies and greeting Wall Street workers as they head into the office.

Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for the group, says Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are being urged to dress in business wear with white faces and blood, and will march while eating monopoly money. He says financial workers should see them “reflecting the metaphor of their actions.”

There seems to be a problem with high rates of long-term unemployment that politicians didn’t count on.  With so many people unable to find jobs and knowing that their long search for jobs seems to be fruitless, they suddenly realize they have plenty of time to take to the streets.  The best way to end these protests would be to put many of these people to work.  An outcome that I am sure they would love.  Of course, it might require solving some of the problems they are protesting about.

If some politicians have trouble seeing the connection, then we can also work to elect politicians that don’t have that vision problem.

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