Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Strong Medicine For Elizabeth Warren

I watched the Stonehill College debate at The Enterprise News website.

One of the comments on that web page was:

Licking my chops, It will be amusing to watch them eat their own.

I wonder if Lizzy’s Occupier friends will show up with their neck tattoos, ear gauges and unbathed carcasses. The Occupods want to know ‘ Will free food be available?’

As we all know it is her that is responsible for them when she stated ‘I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do, she said in the interview. I support what they do.

If that is an intellectual foundation for anything, it is disaster. We as a nation are doomed!

My response to that comment was:

I am so glad someone asked about the intellectual foundation that Elizabeth Warren provided to the Occupy movement.

Elizabeth Warren wrote a book, “The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class”

If you really wanted an answer to the question, you would devote the time to listen to her invited lecture on what is the lesson from the book.

I do not understand why the campaign doesn’t use this strong message to shoot down the Karl Rove meme. I suggested Warren acknowledge the OWS movement. The proviso was that there was going to be blowback, and you had to be prepared for it. Now that you have taken the bold step, you cannot retreat. You must use the blow back as a teachable moment.

The blowback will continue until you answer it forcefully. If some professional political advisor is holding Elizabeth back from making her case, that person ought to be fired.

If she is a bold person, and we like boldness, then you can’t retreat and be a wimp. Go for broke, or go home.