President Obama Rallies His Domestic Troops – What $40 Means

In The White House post What $40 Means to Americans Across the Country, President Obama emphasized the value of social media in politics.

Using social media and the internet, the American people told Washington in no uncertain terms that letting the payroll tax cut expire on December 31, 2011 was not acceptable. You tweeted, you called and you emailed to remind Washington that politics is not a game – serving the American people is a serious responsibility and the decisions made in Congress have serious consequences on people’s lives.

I hope this is a sign that the President has come to realize that his most important job is to educate voters so that they know what is at stake. Rallying people around the legislation he wants to pass, is effective as shown by this incident.

Rather than going into battle with the Republicans and leaving his troops behind, this time the President decided to bring the troops along with him. He is in a much more effective negotiating position, when the opposition says, “Oh yeh? You and whose army.” I can see the President now, pulling the curtain aside and saying, “This army!”

It is time that citizens and politicians realize that the citizens’ part in running the government does not end on election day.

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