A Simple Way To Help Marisa DeFranco

One very simple thing you can do to help Marisa DeFranco get her message out is to post on your Facebook page that you like Marisa DeFranco’s Facebook page.

I had thought of the idea of going to her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/DeFrancoForSenate, and just clicking  the Like button.  This is something you should do, but it is not quite enough.

I found that though the fact that you like her page  does show up in your info page on your Facebook profile  as to your Activities and Interests,  it does not standout.  This information won’t scroll into oblivion as time goes by in the same way that posts to your wall do.  So it does have that benefit, but people really have to go looking for it to see it.

Maybe you think you do not have any political power.  Maybe you think that your monetary contribution to her campaign won’t be big enough to make a difference.  Here is something that you can do that won’t cost you anything but a minute or two of your time.  Making her Facebook page go  viral could have a huge impact on getting the people of Massachusetts to know about her.  Can you think of a better way to have a huge impact with so little effort?

For other web pages for Marisa DeFranco, see my previous post, Marisa DeFranco For U.S. Senate from Massachusetts.

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