The Elizabeth Warren Train Wreck

I just got another Elizabeth Warren campaign email.

I responded to the initial part of the message:

On 12/29/2011 10:03 AM, Mindy Myers, wrote:
> It’s about fighting for middle-class families in Massachusetts and
> across our country who are getting hammered — and have been, year
> after year, now for a generation. It’s about leveling the playing
> field so that it’s not just the big banks and big corporations
> getting all the breaks from Washington.

Sorry, I have given up waiting for Warren to start fighting. I am moving over to Marisa DeFranco who is not the type to back down when Karl Rove says boo.

I tried to warn Kerry when the Swift Boat first came out and he tried to ignore it and me. I have been warning the Warren campaign about the Rove attacks. They pose the same threat as the swift boat attacks did for Kerry.

Warren has much better ammunition to fight back, but the campaign won’t use it. Read The Boston Globe this morning. The Karl Rove attack won’t go away just because you try to ignore it.

The weak ad that Warren ran in response is not an adequate rebuttal to the kind of attack that was mounted.

Can you hear that whistle in the distance? That is the train you are about to collide with. I see the train wreck coming and yet I cannot seem to shout loud enough to wake you folks up.

The sad fact is that you will just ignore this warning too.


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