Elizabeth Warren on her Super PAC pact

Here is a snippet, Elizabeth Warren on her Super PAC pact and a plan to sell IBM stock ‘in a heartbeat’ if elected, of Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on The War Room with Jennifer Granholm.

I am a little nervous about this pact now that I hear the penalty is a contribution to a charity. The effectiveness depends on the size of the required penalty. If a third party were to air an ad at a certain cost and the penalty were the cost of producing and airing the ad, then it might be sufficient to drain the coffers of the candidate’s campaign by an equal amount. Anything less and it might still be beneficial to the third parties and the associated campaign to run these ads.

The other problem with the pact is that if Warren supporters feel like she is running an ineffective campaign, they are now powerless to help her. Shades of Martha Coakley refusing to take advice from her friends.

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