DeFranco Not Retreating – If You Don’t Listen, You Will Not Know …

If you don’t listen to this interview with Marisa DeFranco, you won’t know what you are missing for a candidate for U.S. Senate. Yes, you think you are perfectly happy with Elizabeth Warren. What if there were a better candidate, but you refused to listen? How would you feel if you found out later that you got second best?

In the interview below, you have to go through a couple of minutes of talk before Marisa DeFranco comes on. Please don’t let this deter you.

The interview will actually start faster if you click on this fast start link than if you click the play button in the fancy graphic below.

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Candidate for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, Marisa DeFranco, is still fighting. The Dem field quickly winnowed with the sudden fame and fund-raising success of Elizabeth Warren, but not Defranco. She’s a solid progressive and an activist immigration attorney. Expect to see her going head to head in the race toward the Dem primary. She updates her on her campaign.

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