Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Maddow: Conservative Republican Super-Lawyer Ted Olson: The Best Defense Ever Of Gay Marriage

What Ted Olson and Rachel Maddow say in this video will not come as a surprise to people who believe that all people should be treated equally. It is just that it is stated very well and very clearly.

This is not a utopian ruling by the court. It does admit that groups of people can be singled out if there is a compelling reason to do so. Of course this leaves open a very wide loophole for arguing that there is a very compelling reason. Not every court decision will agree with our personal idea of what is compelling. Still it would be foolish to prohibit the making of laws that have a compelling reason for being enacted. I guess that is the nature of trying to create rules that cover all people who are alive now or will be alive in the future.

During World War II the courts, the legislators, and the president thought that putting American citizens of Japanese descent in internment camps and confiscating everything they had was based on a compelling reason. Let us hope we never make that same mistake about another group of people from some other part of the world, although all the evidence points to the likelihood that we will.