Burning of Korans in Afghanistan

Truthout has an essay Burning of Korans in Afghanistan. Near the top of the essay is the following startling statement:

This past weekend, two senior American military officers were shot and killed within the Interior Ministry in Kabul by an Afghan colleague, who was allegedly provoked, according to Afghan government sources, by the Americans’ open mockery of the protests.

I have not heard such an allegation reported in the lame stream press.  If true, it would go a long way to explaining some of what is happening.  (I said explaining, not condoning.)

This definitely falls under Greenberg’s Law of Inexplicable Behavior, “When the media report on the existence of some seemingly inexplicable behavior, they owe us a report on what are the reasons that the actor uses to justify this behavior. Until you are able to read such an explanation, you have to realize that the media is not reporting the whole story.”

With a lot of justification in the intervening parts of the essay, it concludes with the following:

We are staring into a terrifying abyss of our own making. Were the Korans burned by accident or not? Does that really matter anymore? The following truism is all that matters; any sufficiently advanced incompetence is completely indistinguishable from malice. Ten years of brutal war, hundreds of billions of dollars expended, thousands of lives lost and destroyed, and we still have not learned the sine qua non of that most basic maxim.

And I don’t want to hear any rejoinders that the Afghanis or Muslims are just as intolerant.  We can’t control how other people behave (Duh!! isn’t that obvious now?), so we rightly need to concentrate on controlling our own behavior.

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