The Troll On The Elizabeth Warren Facebook Page

In my opinion, there is a troll on the Elizabeth Warren Facebook page. It is possible that the Elizabeth Warren campaign is not getting the full benefit from Facebook that it could because of the behavior of the troll.

Of course, as one would expect, there is much praise for Elizabeth Warren from the postings on her page.  Occasionally a Warren supporter, such as myself, tries to convey some constructive criticisms of the way we feel that the campaign is missing opportunities to further promote Warren’s candidacy.

The troll seems to take it upon himself to disparage all criticism in what seems to be an attempt to intimidate people who make such criticisms.  It is unfortunate that the campaign seems more intent in quieting criticism than it is in learning from it.  This troll just reinforces this image which some supporters find so extremely frustrating.

It is not even clear if the troll has any official responsibility for the Facebook page.  One suspects that he does not.  If a person with administrative privileges on the Facebook page thought that a post was detrimental, then it would be better to just delete the post rather than try to intimidate the poster from further posts.

I start to wonder why a purported volunteer in the campaign and presumably a supporter would spend so much effort to patrol the Facebook page and turn off people who want to post there.

I would think a truly committed supporter would thoughtfully read the criticism and help to pass on the good ideas to the campaign.  If the troll is not the one charged with this responsibility, then who is?  Surely the campaign would not consider Facebook to be a one way medium of communication.  Surely they would have someone officially responsible for reading the feedback and not just responsible for writing posts.  If there is nobody charged with this duty, then this is just another example of missed opportunities to further the cause of getting Elizabeth Warren elected.

Is this a case of Greenberg’s Law of Counterproductive Behavior? “If you see a behavior that seems to you to be counterproductive, perhaps you have misunderstood what the actor was trying to produce.”

Speaking of that law, why would I want to post this on the Warren Facebook page?  Am I being the troll that I have just talked about?  That is not my intention.  I would like to communicate with the other posters and readers of the Facebook page and urge them to use whatever connections they have to the campaign to get the message through.  One or two (or is that a hundred) voices of  concern do not seem to be enough.

The question is, can we get our concerns addressed in time to rescue this campaign? Can we stop the people who are doing so much damage to the campaign?  Can we break through the wall surrounding Elizabeth Warren and get her to realize who her real friends are?

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