Daily Archives: June 26, 2012

The Next Economic Crisis: Student Debt

This video tries to explain an issue that you may not have understood the full impact of.

Van Jones, a leading progressive activist and former member of the Obama administration had this to say:

When I first heard about all these young people graduating with a bunch of debt, first I thought “So?” I graduated with a bunch of debt from law school, and kids have to deal with that. It’s part of life. But here’s what I found out. The cost and price of education is going up, up, up. These young people are taking on extraordinary amounts of debt and they have no protection, no ability to get the banks to work with them on this. So they go into default very fast, and their credit rating is destroyed, and the banks are not helping them.

Apparently a lot of people including our Senator Scott Brown had the same misapprehension as Van Jones did. Brown has said so in public comments he made. Unfortunately, he makes up his mind on 20 or more year old experiences, and is not open to learning anything new in the way that Van Jones is.

Rebuild the Dream has a web page where you can find out how to contact your Senator about this. Maybe you can give Senator Brown the education he cannot get for himself.