On Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths 1

The New York Times article On Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths addresses the issue of how to play the class warfare story in the Presidential campaign.

Most of all, even Mr. Obama’s inner circle seems cognizant of the risks of making wealth an issue. Asked whether Mr. Obama’s emphasis on fairness for the middle class and his contrast with Mr. Romney pushed that line, Mr. Axelrod replied: “It is not right to say that to work for and hope for and fight for some basic economic security means that you resent people who’ve done very, very well.”

I was at a birthday party today listening to some people complain about not even being able to get a full day of vacation off from work to attend a son’s wedding, even though the vacation time had been asked for many months in advance.  Those same people who didn’t like the way management was treating them, then turned around to say how much they did not like President Obama.

At the same party today, I also heard a story of a violent confrontation at an auto service station between an irate customer and a technician who insisted on applying the testing standards that the law demands.  Because the customer who was launching the attack was a person of color, President Obama was blamed for letting “these people” into the country.

My bet is that the party goers’ inability to put two and two together to see where the work pressure is coming from are being blinded by their prejudice. If  there are not enough people who can put their prejudice aside so that they are able to figure out who is for them and who is not, then the Democrats haven’t got a hope.

So, while there are risks in President Obama focusing on the attacks being made on the middle class by the ruling capitalists, it is the best and most honest focus.  If the American people are not ready for such honesty, maybe they need another dose of Republican control to wake them up.  Talk about a little shock therapy.

I’d be willing to let the people have their shock therapy if I weren’t forced to accompany them through the treatment.

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One thought on “On Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths

  • SteveG Post author

    The racism in telling the story of the incident at the service station is not in the fact that there was a controversy involving a person of color. The racism is in the teller of the story focusing on the person’s color. To note and retell an unfortunate incident of a threat without attributing it to all people of color would not have put the teller’s racism on such vivid display.