Daily Archives: July 25, 2012

I Can’t Believe Obama Said That Because He Didn’t

Here is Lewis Black giving the same diatribe about the distortion of Obama’s remarks that I have been ranting about for a week.

If the above video doesn’t play for you try this direct link.

I have heard suggestion that Obama should be more careful that he doesn’t say things that can be taken out of context and distorted I have been thinking of what he could say. “Me President, want second term.” is all I can think of. Anything beyond that will be distorted.

Aurora Shootings & Gun Control

When I posted the remarks of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, I made no editorial comment.  I realized that uproar people some people would cause if I were to mention something like gun control, so I refrained.

I have been thinking how wrong that restraint was.  I am not going to allow the NRA to abridge my First Amendment rights, so I won’t worry them about their Second Amendment rights.  I like to think that there is a reason why the First Amendment comes before the Second Amendment. If we don’t talk about the issue when something like this happens, when will we talk about it? How dare the NRA try to intimidate us from talking about the issue?

John Stewart tries a little humor about this serious subject.

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