Andy Hiller on the Second Debate 2

Apparently the rest of the world went to a different debate from the one that Sharon and I saw. I guess it turned out much better than the one we saw (at least half of) by sitting in some place that we thought was the Tsongas Center in Lowell. Coincidentally, there were 5,000 in the audience where we were, too.

If you have not seen the debate, at least the first 33 minutes of it, don’t bother. Just take Andy Hiller’s word for how it turned out.

If you saw the movie The Fighter about the boxer Mickey Ward from Lowell and you saw the endorsement of Elizabeth Warren from a coach at the gym where Ward learned to box and continued to train, then maybe you come away with an understanding of the Warren strategy. According to the movie, Ward won a lot of fights by just standing there and taking such a terrific beating that his opponents wore themselves out delivering the beating. When Ward delivered the knockout punch, they had no energy left to defend themselves.

Well, I have seen Warren take beating after beating. I am just hoping that Brown is wearing himself out so that he won’t be ready when she finally punches back.

I suppose I am like most of the people portrayed in the movie who thought Ward was nuts to use this strategy, but it all worked out in the end. Here is hoping life follows art.

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2 thoughts on “Andy Hiller on the Second Debate

  • SteveG Post author

    Mardy, I am saying that I do not seem to be able to judge how other people will react to the debates. Andy Hiller saw a new and well prepared response to the attacks, and I saw the same old, ineffective response.

    The poll numbers don’t seem to be so bad for Warren, so perhaps people are waking up to the side show invented by Brown and slavishly catered to by the press.

    I wasn’t so much looking for a knockout punch as I was looking for a perfect squelch.

    “So David, there is high unemployment, mortgages under water, the banks still not held accountable, the Republicans blocking every attempt at speeding up recovery, further concerted attacks on the middle class, and you came all the way to this 1 hour debate to spend 30 minutes on my native American heritage? What were you thinking? This is only an issue because Scott Brown is inventing stories about my motives and you keep pushing this as if it were the most important issues on the minds of the voters. Do you have any responsibility to cover the issues that matter?”

    It looks like I am wrong, though. The public does seem to catch on as to how ridiculous this is. Still, think of the terrific lost opportunity to have an intelligent conversation about issues that matter. With the economic situation developing in Europe, and the whole thing possibly about to crash down around our ears, the Gregory/Brown show was all about native American heritage.

    What’s wrong with me that I seem to be the only person, besides Sharon, who is irate over this turn of events? Maybe my anger is just getting the best of me, and I can no longer see straight.

  • MardyS

    So, you seem to be saying, Steve, that Andy Hiller’s take on the debate is far off the mark, and that EW is being battered senseless by Scott with her only hope that she finally deliver a knockout punch at the end of the last debate? Her poll numbers going up because of Andy Hiller influence? But what do I know? I haven’t seen any of the actual debates.