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Mitt Romney Adopts Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy

I swear that I had not seen The Daily Show clip Mitt Romney Adopts Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy until today, 2012/10/24 at 10:26 PM. I wrote my previous post Romney Endorses Obama’s Foreign Policy 2012/10/23 at 7:16 AM.

The fact that the above type of video clip worked for me yesterday was apparently an aberration. To view this video I had to use the MTV/Comedy Central bug work-around link to see the video today. (Well, I just discovered that the video plays in this post, it just didn’t work when I went to see it on the Comedy Central site.)

Stephen Marks: 2012 Election by the Numbers – Why I am Voting for Obama

RichardH has recommended that I post this video.

I responded to some of the comments posted on YouTube about this video.

If we are dissatisfied with how far Obama has taken us down the road of recovery, I cannot for the life of me figure out why we would want to put back in power the people who took us to near depression in the first place.

However hard it has been to get a recovery going from the last disaster, I can guarantee you it will be orders of magnitude harder after we elect people to give us another disaster.

One thing that I cannot guarantee if we elect Romney is that whoever tries to rescue us after Romney, that person will be able to maintain the U.S. as the dominant economic power in the world.

As inadequate as you may think Obama has been, re-electing him may be our last chance at keeping the American empire going.

You may or may not think that keeping the American empire going is a good thing. Whatever side of this question you are on, you should go into this election with your eyes open about what to expect.

Here is RichardH’s recommendation.

Around Oct. 15, I read an essay by Steve Marks titled, “The 2012 Election by the Numbers – Why I am Voting for Obama.” The essay presents information that you and your blog readers already know but he presents it in a very compelling way. I congratulated him on his fine essay and suggested that it might have wider and more significant impact as a YouTube video.