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Romney Made Multi-Millions in Detroit Bailout

The Real News Network has the startling interview Romney Made Multi-Millions in Detroit Bailout.

In a new book called Billionaires & Ballot Bandits, Greg Palast outlines nine easy steps to steal an election. This is the first in a series of interviews we’re going to do with Greg. So those of you that want to steal an election, listen closely. Thanks for joining us, Greg.

You won’t learn how to steal an election in this segment, but you might learn how to steal billions of dollars from the U.S. government.

On a twist pf one of the Occupy Movements key phrases, this story might be accompanied by the chant “This is what vulture capitalism looks like”

After seeing this interview, do you still think the rich have earned their money by honest work? Do you still think they are the job creators who shouldn’t have their incomes taxed at a fair rate?