In Senate, Warren would lead where Brown has fallen short

I think The Boston Globe has really nailed it in  In Senate, Warren would lead where Brown has fallen short their endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for Senate.  The subhead also captures what I have strongly felt about her candidacy, “The real promise in Warren’s candidacy lies deeper in her character.”

On the campaign trail, Warren warns incessantly of a coming crisis in student-loan debt and the challenge it would present both for students and universities. This is a matter of no small concern in the higher-ed capital of the United States, and it’s easy to envision Warren becoming the Senate’s leading policymaker on higher education.

She also speaks passionately about medical research, a once-bipartisan priority that’s diminished under the Republican party’s ideological clampdown on government spending. Two years ago, for the first time in memory, the National Institutes of Health budget was reduced by 1 percent — this in a federal account that Kennedy twice succeeded in doubling over five-year periods. One of every five of those dollars goes to Massachusetts. Kennedy, for one, would never have let such a reduction happen. Brown voted in favor of the cut.

Where Scott Brown is content to see his job as only deciding which side of any legislative initiative he will support, Elizabeth Warren is much more likely to become a leader in the resolution of very important national issues of major concern to Massachusetts.

But on the biggest issue of the moment, the looming “fiscal cliff” of automatic budget cuts and expiration of multiple tax cuts, Brown foolishly tied his hands by signing Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge.

One thing Scott Brown seems adamant about is not raising taxes at this time.  This is one issue that he is dead wrong about.  Any extra liquidity that the Fed tries to inject into the economy to get it moving again is instantly sucked up by the wealthy to invest in non-productive financial chicanery.  The only way to prevent this is to tax some of this money out of the hands to the super wealthy and put it back to work in the economy.  The one remedy that is sorely needed to get us out of the economic doldrums, is the one remedy that Scott Brown is sure he will not let happen.  This alone is enough of a reason to get Scott Brown out of the Senate so he can no longer do more harm to our economy.

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