Koch Brothers and the Road to “Citizens United”

Just in case you didn’t know who Greg Palast was or thought that he might be just out to get Mitt Romney when you read my previous post Romney Made Multi-Millions in Detroit Bailout, here comes the second part of The Real News Network interview Koch Brothers and the Road to “Citizens United”.

The bio that The Real News Network provided stated the following:

Greg Palast is a BBC investigative reporter and author of Vultures’ Picnic. Palast turned his skills to journalism after two decades as a top investigator of corporate fraud. Palast directed the U.S. government’s largest racketeering case in history – winning a $4.3 billion jury award. He also conducted the investigation of fraud charges in the Exxon Valdez grounding.

And the proof that Greg Palast is an equal opportunity muckraker, I give you the following quote from the interview:

And he—apparently, money went into the Clinton campaign and other favors were done by the Riadys, big favors for the Clintons. That’s a real impeachable offense. Forget the stains-on-dresses stuff. This was really impeachable. And Trent Lott told Senator Thompson, we don’t do the Riadys and Clinton, and they don’t do the Kochs. So it was a billionaire trade. And that’s how the game’s played.

This story gives us some hints at why Bill Clinton had some amazing political successes despite the Republicans adamant opposition to him. He had enough dirt on them to cancel out the dirt they had on him. So why such a big failure from Obama? Is it that he just doesn’t play dirty enough? Or do the Republican’s have something they are holding over his head that is so bad, that he dares not fight back?

There may be other explanations for the timidity of the Obama Justice Department. If you have any, please feel free to forward them to me.

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