Chrysler ITSELF has refuted Romney’s lie

I can only hope that Romney has overplayed his hand. If enough people doubt his veracity on this issue, maybe they will come to doubt other things he said.

I do have to wonder if Obama is really trying, though.

Obama failed to say in the debate or any time before or after the debate, that if we just follow Obama’s current policies 12 million jobs will be created. So Romney’s claim to this number is a foregone conclusion if he just follows Obama’s “failed” policies. If Obama gets a Congress that will work with him, then we can do much better.

I first found the link to this ad in The Los Angeles Times story Obama ad calls out Romney ‘lie’ on flight of Jeep jobs.

The article adds the following bit of information:

As to selling Chrysler “to the Italians,” industry expert David Kiley of AOL Autos gave the missing context: “Italian automaker Fiat was the only company that stepped up to make an offer for Chrysler, which badly needed another car company with which to partner. Fiat’s intervention has kept the company in one piece, saved Chrysler from dissolution, increased the quality ratings of the company’s products, raised its market share and profit, and resulted in a huge recovery of jobs in Michigan and Ohio.”

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