Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Said to Head to Senate Banking Committee

Bloomberg News has the story Elizabeth Warren Said to Head to Senate Banking Committee.

U.S. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard University law professor and critic of Wall Street, is poised to join the Senate Banking Committee after she’s sworn into office in January.

Two Democratic aides briefed on the matter said Senate leaders intend to assign Warren to the Banking Committee, although a final decision on committee assignments won’t be made until the new session of Congress convenes.

Let’s hope that this really comes to pass.  According to the article:

“We certainly plan to reach out to Senator-Elect Warren,” said James Ballentine, executive vice president of congressional relations and political affairs at the American Bankers Association.

If the American Bankers Association is taking this report seriously, maybe they have given up trying to block this assignment.  I hope you weren’t drinking anything when you read that last sentence.  If you were, you might want to wipe your computer screen.

Reform The Filibuster – Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something

I just received an email that says 238,000 have signed the petition at ReformTheFilibuster.com.

This is one of the first issues that Elizabeth Warren will be working on as our new Senator.

Reform the Filibuster

Far too often, we’ve seen good ideas stall in the Senate because a single Senator can stop everything without a single word uttered on the Senate floor.

In a few short weeks, we can reform the filibuster. But it won’t be easy. And it’s going to require that the American people speak with one, clear, loud voice.

Take action now: Tell the Senate to fix the filibuster.

If you want Washington to respond to your needs, you have to make your voice heard more often than just at election time.  Use the link above to sign the petition.