Daily Archives: March 3, 2013

Video of Presentation of the Petition to Keep the Moratorium on Municipal Incinerators

Thomas Creamer, Chairman of the Sturbridge Board of Selectmen, has put together an excellent edited video of the presentation of the Petition to Keep the Moratorium on Municipal Incinerators in Massachusetts.  He has edited in a lot of material to back up what the participants discussed at the presentation. (The deadline for signing the petition has passed.)

I’d like to comment on Mary Redetzke’s remarks about the ideal incinerator producing nothing but carbon dioxide and water from simple hydrocarbons. Reaching this ideal behavior is far more difficult than you might think if you don’t think very deeply about this.

Simple hydrocarbons contain no other elements than hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. There is no real-life waste stream that contains only simple hydrocarbons. To capture all other elements but these three from a waste stream is close to impossible. The other elements in the waste stream are not convertible into carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen by any chemical reaction. Converting one element into another involves nuclear reactions which would release so much energy, that they would blow up the incinerator and the surrounding area for miles around if such nuclear reactions could be achieved, which they cannot.

If some genius did somehow come up with such a process, then it could be explained and it could be demonstrated on a small scale in a laboratory. Until that explanation and demonstration is possible, no life-sized incinerator should be built to use an imaginary technology that probably cannot ever exist.

Not until the politicians and appointed officials can make such demonstrations and explanations publicly available and widely known should there be any change to the moratorium.