Massachusetts Solid Waste Master Plan

I just received the Solid Waste Master Plan Announcement from a couple of sources. Here is the excerpt that caught my eye.

While the Solid Waste Master Plan (SWMP) promotes a number of important efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste generation, it also recognizes that by 2020, Massachusetts will have a shortfall of capacity to dispose of waste that cannot be recycled or re-used. The SWMP modifies the current incinerator moratorium to encourage the development of innovative and alternative technologies for converting municipal solid waste to energy or fuel on a limited basis.

This is certainly not the outcome we had hoped for as shown in my previous post, Video of Presentation of the Petition to Keep the Moratorium on Municipal Incinerators.

As Commissioner Kimmell so proudly pointed out to us in a private meeting we had with him, if Massachusetts builds new incinerators it will attract more waste to us from other states.  The U.S.  Constitution’s interstate commerce clause does not allow the state to prohibit importing waste from other states. This is not exactly how I imagine a solution to our waste disposal capacity problems.  The faster we build capacity to dispose of solid waste, the more solid waste will come to us from other states.  Am I crazy, or am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture.

According to Commissioner Kimmel, we need to stop exporting waste to other states because the extra pollution from the transportation is not good for the environment.  Magically, the transportation of the waste in the opposite direction is not a problem.

Only in America.

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