Activists slam plan for waste in Mass.

The Boston Globe has the article Activists slam plan for waste in Mass.

Here is the letter to the editor that I wrote in response.

The article “Activists slam plan for waste in Mass.” quotes officials as saying the new technology is “unlike traditional incineration, which emits a heavy amount of pollution into the air.”

There is one simple test for this claim that no “official” has ever done, or asked for it to be done, or even realizes that it ought to be done.  Commissioner Kimmell was surprised to hear about it when I recommended it to him.

You weigh the waste coming in, then you weigh whatever you take out of the incinerator when it is done.  The difference in weight is what goes up into the air.  If you don’t do this simple test, how do you know that the new technology isn’t putting just as much pollution into the air?

The new technology might make the pollution particles so small that you can’t see them, but that is not the same as there not being any pollution.  In fact, the smaller particles may be even more hazardous – by now people must have heard of nano-particles.  We do not know the biological consequences of unconstrained nano-particles entering the body.

The Boston Globe has already published a recent letter of mine, so they may not publish this one.

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