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“Track to the Future” and “Loopy? No, it’s Hyperloopy”

It’s amazing what a little hype can do. Although there is a 57 page document of the Alpha Version of the Hyperloop Design.

To give you a little background, view The Daily Show video Track to the Future.

I get a kick out of new discoveries and inventions that I read about almost 40 years ago. (Since I have read part of the design document mentioned above, I realize it is not Elon Musk that is making claims that he has invented anything completely different from anything that has ever been studied before.)

Here is what the IEEE Spectrum article Loopy? No, it’s Hyperloopy has to say:

It’s been known for decades that an electro-pneumatic tubular transport can, in principle achieve stupendous speeds. IEEE Spectrum covered the idea back in 1984, in a sidebar, written by contributing editor Eric Lerner, to a feature article on the then-new idea of maglev trains. The sidebar, “Coast to coast in half an hour,” makes Musk’s proposal seem prudent by comparison. It was based on a Rand Corp. study that imagined a transcontinental tunnel virtually evacuated, to eliminate aerodynamic drag.

I read the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Spectrum much more regularly back in 1984 than I do now since I have retired.

I remember trying to calculate if the g forces would kill you. Turns out, it’s not a problem.

To only get to 800MPH with 1g acceleration would take less than 37 seconds.

Download the Excel spreadsheet to check my math. Your browser may think this linked item is just a regular HTML page, but if you save it, you can open it up in Excel and see the formulae.