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The Moral Hazard of “Relative Evil”

Two videos from The Real News Network. Don’t blame me if you are silly enough to follow the links below.

Why are Egyptian Liberals Celebrating a Massacre?

US Foreign Policy: The Moral Hazard of “Relative Evil” Necessary to Fight “Absolute Evil”

August 20, 2013

To any of my relatives who should stumble onto this post, I plead with you not to click on the following link.

Max Blumenthal: Something Snapped when Israel Attacked Gaza

August 21, 2013

Israel, Anti-Semitism, and Negotiations Without End

This is the final segment in this series.

If we use the history of native Americans as an example, perhaps in a future generation there will be memorials to the Palestinians who were pushed off their lands, the Jewish residents of Israel will feel bad about what was done, but they will get the “benefits” of living in a state without having to give any further thought to an uprising by the few remaining Palestinians.  After all, after the cleansing is complete enough, what can the people of that future generation do?

Perhaps the Israelis of the current generation should consider one difference between the native Americans and the Palestinians.  After the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, there will still be a huge population of Palestinians outside of Israel that will harbor resentment and a desire to return to their native lands.  Isn’t that the way the Jewish Israelis managed to get the state of Israel recognized by The United Nations?