Give Peace A Chance

Dennis Kucinich is certainly right on this one.

Give Peace a Chance

Suppose that instead of running around castigating Russia for blocking our efforts in the UN Security Council, we decided to sit down and have a talk with them. “Look, we know you have financial, economic, and strategic interests in Syria. We have competing financial, economic, and strategic interests in Syria. What if we tried to work out some compromise where we could both get a fair deal without resorting to an actual war or even a proxy war.”

That might be called diplomacy. Calling each other names, seeing how we can force the other side to agree to what we want, economic sanctions, threats, boycotts, financing one side of a civil war – these are not what I call diplomacy.

Pretending that our disagreement is about morality, democracy, or economic system only distracts us from getting to the heart of what is really bothering us.

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