Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address 2

The Real News Network has this interview with some of the usual suspects, Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address.

MASRI: Now, for myself as an Arab American from the region, as somebody who’s been working on peace and social justice issues both here in the United States and in Lebanon, I have to say that although President Obama’s final conclusion was not surprising, his prelude to it was deeply, deeply offensive, deeply offensive, unethical, and ahistoric for him to sit there and to go on at length about these images of the children that have been gassed and how images of children that have been gassed have moved him to action was just repulsive, because the level of hypocrisy in that statement cannot be tolerated–the fact that it is the United States government also under his leadership that have funded and supported the Israeli use of white phosphorus against Palestinians in Gaza, the fact that it is the U.S. government that has themselves directly used white phosphorus against the Iraqis in Falluja. And it is the toxic legacy of the use of white phosphorus in Iraq that is actually greater than the toxic legacy of both the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as report that was published several years ago proved.

I may not be as radical as Rania Masri, but I did find the speech a little offensive. It might have been better for Obama to have quietly accepted the praise for having backed away from the brink of involvement in this war. His speech destroyed some of the goodwill I felt for him.

He seems so damn sure of things that he ought not to be so sure of. He may feel it necessary to talk the BS about our exceptionalism to satisfy the right wing in this country, but it makes me scream every time he does it. Has he absolutely no sense of history? Or does he know the history, but can still says what he does?

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2 thoughts on “Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address

  • SteveG Post author

    There is the possibility that he has to keep up the pretense that he has gone half crazy over this. It’s part of the Nixon Madman Theory.

    While he is carrying out this “necessary” strategy to influence other countries, he is poisoning the minds of U.S. citizens and politicians.

  • MardyS

    My reaction was that he wanted to keep the pressure on with this bombing threat, so he spent most of his talk doing that and then at the end brought in the escape hatch of the CW turnover by Russia-Asad and even sort of down played that. There was probably more in the speech that I missed and you got, Steve. Also, Masri is sure right about our use of white phosphorus. Hard not to be a hypocrite in the real world.