Intel to close Hudson plant, lay off 700 2

For those of my fellow DEC Alumni and Alumnae who are not in the area, you may not have seen this.

The Boston Globe has the article Intel to close Hudson plant, lay off 700.

Intel also operates a research and development facility in Hudson which employs an additional 850 workers. This facility will continue in operation and its workers will not by affected by the job cuts.

The MetroWest Daily News has the article Intel to close Hudson plant – 700 jobs lost.

So it is not a total loss, but still, it comes as a shock to me.  One of the things that has changed with the times is how engineering can be distributed around the globe independently of manufacturing.

When I first started at DEC, the engineering was in Maynard and the manufacturing was in Shrewsbury (or was it Worcester).  The Hudson plant was built to house the manufacturing and by this  time the engineering had wandered to temporary quarters in Westboro.

The managers of our group thought that engineering and manufacturing were still not close enough.  So another building was added in Hudson, and engineering moved to be close to manufacturing.  Our Computer Aided Design (sometimes  called Design Automation) group was able to serve circuit design engineers and manufacturing process design engineers.  The circuit design engineers were able to design circuits while the process with which the circuits would be manufactured was being designed.

The circuit design tools that the circuit design engineers use can be updated for millions of dollars, but the manufacturing equipment update is more in the billions of dollars range.


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