Watch this ex-congressman leave everyone speechless on Meet The Press

The Daily Kos has the article Watch this ex-congressman leave everyone speechless on Meet The Press featuring the video below.

One of the panelists was described by The Daily Kos as CNBC mouthpiece and apologist Maria Bartiromo. That is probably nicer than the words I would have chosen.

Some of the rebuttal that The Daily Kos provided is quoted below.

Most of the segment was the standard blabber of nonsensical statements on the economy.
Secondly, of all the jobs that are being created or that would be created, the wages are normalized because of policies that allow outsourcing and because of the decline of the power of unions. In other words, the American worker is working for less and with little recourse or representation. This increases profits for the titans of capital which adds to income and wealth disparity even further. The American worker has not benefitted from their increased productivity. It has almost entirely gone to the top 1 percent.

You have to wait to see the final zinger by the ex-congressman, who I have not named in order to leave you in suspense until you see it.

As it turns out, I just heard a report on NPR’s Marketplace that said the banks were not lending because they were keeping excess reserves at the Fed. Excess meaning reserves not required by law in contradiction to what David Gregory, the bankers he spoke to, and Maria Bartiromo said. So much for getting actual facts from the Sunday “news” shows.

Perhaps the bankers were saying the poppycock that they did to David Gregory because they figured that he knew so little about what is going on in the financial world that he would not be smart enough to object to what they said. Of course, if you are a reporter who only talks to the self-interested bankers, you aren’t going to learn a darn thing. Thus, you do not even have to feel guilty about unknowingly spreading your ignorance to your audience.

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