Republicans Brag That They Are Harder To Negotiate With Than Putin 2

The Republicans are pushing the video below.

The Republicans ask the question,

Why is the Obama administration willing to negotiate with Putin on Syria, but not with Congress to address the Washignton’s spending problem?

  1. The Washington spending problem is not spending enough to stimulate the economy. The Republicans want to spend less. What’s to negotiate?
  2. Negotiation with Putin breaks the deadlock on an insoluble problem and brings about an almost perfect solution.  (Bombing Syria would might have let loose the chemical weapons into terrorist’s hands.  Syria’s turning these weapons over to international control for eventual destruction accomplishes exactly what we said we want to accomplish.)
  3. It is more likely that Putin will stick to his negotiated promise than it is that Boner will stick to his.

It is a sad day when we find that the Russian leader is more amenable to reason and negotiation than is the Republican party. It’s odd that the Republicans would want to focus our attention on this fact. Maybe they really do have a death wish.

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