How The Government Shutdown Ends 1

I want to be the first to present this scenario so that I can get the credit for predicting it if it occurs.  If it doesn’t occur, nobody will remember this post. (As if they would remember it even if it does occur.)

Let’s say that the shutdown drags on for more than a week (or maybe a month).  The major political donors from Wall Street to the Republican Party would be up in arms threatebning a cutoff of donations if the issue does not get resolved.

Speaker Boner faced with the Hastert rule that he refuses to break cannot bring a bill to the floor of the House unless a majority of Republicans approve.

Nancy Pelosi will organize the Democratic Caucus to join forces with enough reasonable Republicans (stop laughing) to overthrow Speaker Boner, and force a clean budget bill to be brought before the House.

There will be enough votes in this coalition to get the bill passed.  The country will be so happy with what Pelosi accomplished that she will be elected President in 2016.  (I told  you, stop laughing.)

Oh, I forgot.  If you think of this as political humor, feel free to laugh after all.


Do you think the following scenario is more likely to happen?

If the Speaker brings a clean budget resolution to the floor of the House, Nancy Pelosi promises that enough Democrats will vote for the bill to get it to pass.  In addition, Pelosi promises that enough Democrats will vote to keep the current Speaker when he faces a rebellion from within his own party.

Will the mere threat of such a scenario get the House unstuck?

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One thought on “How The Government Shutdown Ends

  • MardyS

    Hi Steve, I can’t stop laughing! Still, it’s a great story. Imagine Nancy Pelosi as president, and taking Elizabeth Warren along with her as VP. Well, it sure is a pipe dream, Steve. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.

    Of course what Boner needs to do is find his inner human and break the Hastert rule as soon as a clean bill gets back to them again tomorrow, and thus get his name engraved in the latest update to Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”. HA HA more laughter!