Burned by McDonald’s Coffee, Then the News Media

Upworthy featured this video in its story Ever Hear About The Lady Who Spilled Coffee On Herself At McDonald’s, Then Sued For Millions?

It’s really unbelievable what happened to Stella Liebeck. You just have to watch to see how the media turned on this little old lady who lived in Albuquerque. Obviously a villain, right? And at 5:00, prepare to see what the coffee actually did to her. It’s not pretty. Well … nothing in her situation was.

I have known the truth about this story for many years. I may have even blogged about it before. This is the first time I saw some of the pictures of her injuries.

What really burns me, is the talk of tort reform by people who base the idea on fictional beliefs about how our jury system works. (Yes, pun intended.)

Now that I think about it, isn’t bullying the way that Republicans have gotten their way since the days of Ronald Reagan? Maybe this is why I have stood up against Republicans since they started using these tactics. My experience is that standing up to bullies is the only way to handle them.

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