Chris Hedges: Obama’s Nat’l Defense Authorization Act and Militarization of Police Preparation for Social Unrest to Come

Found this on YouTube via The Real News Network:

Chris Hedges speaks about suing the Obama administration for the NDAA (Hedges vs. Obama), his experience with banned terror groups as a journalist, and unconstitutional government backlash both in and out of court. The Obama administration attack on civil liberties and abuse of military power through surveillance and assassination, Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and more are discussed with Sean Stone in this short clip of the full length Buzzsaw interview.

I’ll have to check my calculus books, but I think if you go off to infinity with right wing conspiracy theories, you can come back from infinity to the left wing.

There is one thing to note as described in The Boston Globe article Conspiracies: Five things they don’t want you to know.

Myth #4: Conspiracy theories are never true


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