Obama Gets Real

The New York Times has Paul Krugman’s article Obama Gets Real.

And there was this: “When it comes to our budget, we should not be stuck in a stale debate from two years ago or three years ago.  A relentlessly growing deficit of opportunity is a bigger threat to our future than our rapidly shrinking fiscal deficit.” Finally! Our political class has spent years obsessed with a fake problem — worrying about debt and deficits that never posed any threat to the nation’s future — while showing no interest in unemployment and stagnating wages. Mr. Obama, I’m sorry to say, bought into that diversion. Now, however, he’s moving on.

Emphasis added by me in the above excerpt. And of course he doesn’t mean the people think the rapid shrinking of the deficit is the problem the right complains about.  What he means is the huge size of the deficit is what they complain about, and even that is rapidly shrinking.  He fails to mention that the rapid shrinking of that deficit is one big cause for the failure of the economy to recover.

If the President is ready to move on, will the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party also move on?  The previous post, Huh, so it IS a coordinated Wall Street Democrat campaign, seems to indicate that this wing is trying hard to fight moving on rather than embracing it.

Thanks to MardyS for posting a link to this article in a comment he made in a previous post.


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