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The New Yorker magazine has the brief introduction to the pod cast Political Scene: The Politics of Income Inequality.

The rhetoric used to discuss income inequality, the Affordable Care Act, and the nascent push to raise the minimum wage may possibly be standing in the way of reducing America’s wealth gap. For one thing, we talk about them as though they are three distinct issues. “The biggest thing which Obama has done to reduce inequality, if it all goes through and works properly, will be Obamacare,” John Cassidy explains. “It’s not just a health-care initiative; it’s also a big redistributionary initiative.” Cassidy and George Packer join host Dorothy Wickenden on this week’s Political Scene podcast to assess President Obama’s recent speech on inequality and the politics of the wealth gap. Packer simplifies the issue in a way the President did not: “It’s a really profound moral as well as economic issue: Should you really be below poverty level if you work full time?”

This podcast is a nice complement to my previous posts, Huh, so it IS a coordinated Wall Street Democrat campaign and The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt1.

If, as I believe, the 2016 Presidential election will be a contest between the Hillary Clinton wing and the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party, these posts of mine indicate that Hillary’s wing ought to be the losing wing in this contest. If Hillary doesn’t stop trying to tamp down the morally and politically correct fight against the current day robber barons, then I will find it very difficult to support her. I will find it very easy to support someone who is running out of the Elizabeth Warren wing, and it doesn’t have to be Elizabeth Warren. This fight is for the soul of the Democratic Party and the soul of the nation.

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5 thoughts on “Political Scene: The Politics of Income Inequality

  • MardyS

    Right, where does she think the “middle class” is going to get the kind of money Wall Street has after preaching the importance of the middle class supporting….. the middle class? It’s the self-starting problem. How to make a movement?

  • SteveG Post author

    Everything I post on my blog is cross-posted to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

    Well, there was one post on Israel that I warned all my relatives not to read, that I think I withheld from the other media. To my remembrance, that is the only intentional exception to my rule of cross-posting.

    The question of where are they going to get the money is a good one. I just love the irony of Elizabeth Warren explaining how the middle class has been squeezed, hammered, and all those other adjectives she uses, and then asks for a donation from us.

  • MardyS

    Thanks for including this, Steve. Is this going to be made available by you on Facebook, without people having to log in to your blog? Yes, let’s hope the Dems can quit Wall Street and go the progressive route. Where are they going to get the money, though, if not from Wall Street or “the 1%”? From you and I? Ha Ha