Juliette Kayyem – Democrat for Governor 1

This is not an endorsement.  It is just an attempt to give some coverage to a candidate who may not have received the coverage she deserves.

Her web site Juliette Kayyem – Democrat for Governor gives some background on who she is and what her qualifications are.

An appointee to both Governor Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama’s Administrations, she has made government work for citizens when it matters the most. As a homeland security expert, Juliette knows what it means to bring together every facet of society and work towards common solutions with a clear path forward. Her career is proof that progressive politics and safety and security policy strengthen one another.

I am looking forward to meeting her in Sturbridge on Wednesday.

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One thought on “Juliette Kayyem – Democrat for Governor

  • BillM

    I was very impressed by Ms. Kayyem. She is obviously a woman who possesses a great deal of intelligence. She strikes me as a thoughtful progressive who might actually make Government work to help all of it’s citizen’s and not just the chosen few.