President Obama’s Inequality Story

Truthout has Dean Baker’s article President Obama’s Inequality Story.

There are some items on President Obama’s agenda that push in the wrong direction, most notably his plans for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is wrongly billed as a “free-trade” agreement. In reality it has very little to do with free trade.
Unfortunately, full employment does not seem to be on anyone’s agenda right now. The budget cuts that slowed the economy and cost us millions of jobs over the last three years are now largely behind us, but no one seems prepared to push an investment agenda or the sort of trade policy that can bring us back to full employment any time soon.

That means we will see little real progress in addressing inequality based on President Obama’s agenda. An increase in the minimum wage is an important goal with substantial benefits but it should not be confused with an inequality agenda.

I don’t expect a lot from Obama’s State of the Union address.  His adamant position on this equality destroying TPP agreement and his inability to see the damage he is doing to the economy with his efforts to cut the deficit preclude his figuring out what this country needs right now.

So if he doesn’t know what the country needs, how can he figure out how to fix the problems?

I’d give my wisdom teeth to be wrong about the speech.

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